Name Droppin’: Never Summer Insta/Gator

"Long before my brother Tracey and I started Never Summer I built my first snowboard in my high school woodshop class back in '83, I believe. Tracey and a friend had started a company called Swift Snowboards and I helped out on the mold making side. In '91 we decided to give it a go again and Never Summer began. Since then I have done the majority of the shaping, having input from a handful of people. Three years ago, we brought back the Swift name to the Never Summer line wanting to make something that had the throwback look and was great in the powder. Knowing that people don't get to ride powder a whole lot—even after a storm it can be gone by noon. I wanted to make a board that didn't leave people feeling like they were stuck on a pow stick after the fresh was tracked. My thought process was to make this Swift something that was going to rip powder but also be a blast on hard pack, able to carve and tear up everything. We got such good feedback on the Swift that we decided to come up with a line of boards that kind of have throwback shape but didn't look so powder specific. That's where the Insta/Gator came in. The Insta/Gator has all of the great ride characteristics of the Swift board but with an updated shape so when people go into the shops they don’t necessarily look at it and immediately think its 's a pow board. The Insta/Gator is definitely a quiver board."
—Tim Canaday


·12 mm of taper and extended transition area
·Features Never Summer’s new Fusion Rocker Camber profile
·Vario Power Grip sidecut
·Early rise nose
·Medium flex
·Caters to any style of riding

MSRP: $519.99


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