Name Droppin’—Ride MTNPig x Danimals

"The MTNPig has a wide design to stay on top of powder and slush, but that's also why you can lean into your turns so much without getting any kind of drag from bindings or boots, which really makes cruising feel nice. On top of all that, I feel comfortable riding jumps with it and even rails or whatever happens to be on the run we’re riding. Basically, I’ve had nothing but good experiences and good times with this board so those are my thoughts on it."—Danimals

From Ride:
The Tundra Wookie. The Bargoyle. The MTNPIG. You will encounter all of these in a mountain town, but only one of these is this fun to ride. Some people don't like the look of the MTNPIG, with its blunted shape and half-moon tail, but anybody who has ever ridden a PIG can tell you that they are down for anything. An amped up all-mountain variation to our popular WARPIG snowboard, the MTNPIG is designed for a stiffer, faster ride from top to bottom that will float in deep snow and hold an edge when things get sketchy.

SIZES: 155, 159, 162, 160w, 164w
MSRP: $599.95
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