What started as just another hustle in 2002, purchasing blank beanies, hats and headbands before marking each with hand-painted logos, Shaun Neff's fledgling headwear brand found notoriety soon after after linking up with pro snowboarder Nate Bozung on the fresh glades of Utah's picturesque slopes. Realizing a very particular niche could be satisfied after getting props from the best pro snowboarders and skateboarders, NEFF was born as the first authentic, market-specific headwear company for snow and skate and has since gone global with its aspirations.

Neff Sofia Women's Beanie 2011

Neff Edge Gloves 2011

Neff Daily Heather Beanie 2011

Neff Amor Beanie 2011

Neff Chandler Beanie 2011

Neff Daily Gloves 2011

Neff Skitch Pack 2011

Neff Snoop Dogg Facemask 2011

Neff x Electric Co-Op Goggle Package 2011