Ride Locket Woman's Snowboard Boot

Ride Locket Woman's Snowboard Boot

Ride Locket Woman’s Snowboard Boot


'' Intuition™ Mobile Foam Liner
'' Thermo-Formable Internal & External
J Bars
'' Jade Sole
'' Transition Wrap Harness™
'' Strapper Zonal™ Lacing w/Velcro
'' Adjustable Calf Panel


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Ride Locket Womens Snowboard Boots 2011: The brand new Ride Locket Snowboard boot has hit the ground running, creating an enhanced freestyle boot. It is a boot designed to master freestyle maneuvers, the new Locket snowboard boot is compact, light and flexie, with a unique sneaker style. Sporting Rides Strapper Zonal Lacing that features a speed lace down low for a quick secure closure and Velcro up top for maximum adjustability and mobility. Ideal for tweaks and rails, the Locket boots are the hottest new kicks around. Pop, Locket, drop it.