Check out V-Plates on Facebook for more information and to order a pair.

Are you a vintage snowboard collector? Would you like to shred some of your favorite decks? Dave Billinghurst has created the V-Plate, short for “vintage snowboard plate” that allows you to mount newer 4×4 bindings onto many vintage snowboards. If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these adaptors, go to the V-Plate Facebook page immediately! Friday, Octover 24, 2014 is the deadline to order a pair!

Here’s more info from Dave Billinghurst:

Dave Billinghurst and I have a small project I have been working on with the vintage snowboard collecting community. It's called the V-Plate short for vintage snowboard plate.  This adaptor allows you to mount your newer 4×4 bindings onto many, but not all, vintage snowboards hole patterns and also get a wider stance. The plate is a piece of CNC machined Delrin and has a 8pack of 4×4 stainless steel inserts.  This project is in the final stages and we are doing a sort of private crowd funding to make it happen.  Basically my buddy and myself who used to work for k2 snowboards in the 90's designed and developed this and are doing a single one-time production run of around 100 pair for all those who want a set.

We are requiring everyone to prepay up front and then we will be placing our order with our vendor and shipping in December.  The final deadline to get your money to us to reserver a set is Friday, October 24, 2014. And unless there are at least 50 more crazy vintage snowboard collectors that want a set down the road (that is our minimum order with our vendor) this will be the one and only time to buy a pair.

Get your own V-Plates here.