Forest Bailey interview

Ted Borland

Jake Blauvelt

p: Mike Yoshida

Jake Blauvelt

How did you hear about the film and how did you get involved to work on Resolution?

I worked with SNOWBOARDER Mag last year for their movie, SFD and was stoked on the vibe. I just wanted to continue the good times, so I kept ’er going!

How was your approach to filming for Resolution different from other projects you’ve worked on?

In years prior I’ve done a few of my own projects, so it was nice to join up with an old fashion “film crew” and relieve a little bit of stress and pressure and just enjoy being part of the crew.

Jake Blauvelt

L: Haines, AK. P: Oli Gagnon

What were some of the highlights of your winter?

I was really psyched to ride in Tahoe again. That’s where I started filming backcountry about 11 years ago, and it had been at least 7 years since I last filmed back there because of the lack of snow. It was sick to be back in those mountains with some proper coverage, and you can almost always count on sunshine after the storm, which isn’t always the case up in the northwest, where I’ve filmed the majority of my video parts.

What were some of the lowlights of your winter?

Waiting out an 8-day storm in AK only to get out on the first flyable day to realize that either the wind or warm temperatures had blasted or baked every aspect at every elevation…and no new snow was in the immediate forecast, so we flew home.

What was the craziest thing you saw in the streets or the backcountry while filming?

I saw a huge avalanche off in the distance in AK when a big chunk of ice fell off a serac. Luckily it was way off in the distance and we were in no danger, but if you were anywhere close to it, you had no chance. Come to think of it, that was our first day in AK. Definitely an eye-opener that you’re in AK and you need to step your game up.

Are you happy with the amount of footage that you’re sitting on?

Yes and no. I’m never fully content with the footage after only a year of filming, but I’m happy I stayed healthy and was able to stack a couple clips. You always want more.

Jake Blauvelt

p: Mike Yoshida

Jake Blauvelt

Mt.Baker, WA. p: Oli Gagnon

Jake Blauvelt

Haines, AK. p: Phil Tifo

Who was your main crew this winter?

Kyle Schwartz “The Schwartzenegger” was who I filmed with mainly all winter. He killed it and is always on the grind and willing to pack everything up at a moment’s notice to get after it. I rode with Mikkel Bang and Mikey Rencz mainly. Those guys are epic riders, but what I really liked about riding with them was their low stress vibe.

What are some snowboard films that resonate with you from before you were a pro snowboarder?

I’d have to say either True Life or The Resistance. When those videos came out was when I was starting to get really into snowboarding. All the Forum riders were like gods to me. Also, Subjekt Haakonsen.

You seem to have taken a different approach in filming your video part this year, with building some wedges and being a little bit more freestyle focused in some of your shots.

I really don’t like building jumps much, but I do like catching proper air time, and I got to a point where I was sick of doing 1s, 3s, 5s, and 7s off natural features and really wanted to spin and maybe even do a double dipper if the right jump came about. It’s hard to find natural jumps that give you enough snap off the lip and time in the air to spin anything over a 7, so that’s why I decided to build a couple wedges and see what happens. It’s fun hucking off jumps every once in a while, but I’m still all about the natural terrain.

You got some really good shots in Alaska but at times, got skunked a little bit by the weather. Talk about how finicky AK can be and the process and mindset you need to have to get shots up there.

AK is such a mental game. We waited for 8 days during a storm only to realize that the snow was pooched when we got out on the 9th day. When the weather opens up and you do get a chance to fly into the mountains and then you land the heli and realize there’s good snow, you need to kick into your highest gear and get ready to grind as long as the light and guides let you, ’cause you don’t know if the snow will still be as good the next day and you’re spending big bucks every minute you’re up there. It’s stressful at times, and definitely dangerous, but that’s what we big mountain snowboarders live for: perfect AK conditions.

You ever heard of “Double Trouble,” the local Tahoe sledneck crew?

Oh yeah! Hahahaha. T. Bird and I are “Double Trouble” when we double on the sled, and I must say, we KILL IT! If there was a snowmobile doubling championships, we’d have that shit in the bag no prob.

Jake Blauvelt snowboarding

How much work went into building that backcountry hip that you and Danny built late-season?

Maybe too much? Hah. It was a really good time. We brought beers and a grill for cookin’ dogs and burgers. It was like spring break up there. It was freakin’ hot though! And there was no shade until the sun went behind the cornice we were building next to, and that wasn’t until around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I hadn’t shoveled that much throughout my whole winter combined as I did in those 3 days. It was chill though. All time crew and no good snow anywhere else to be had, so might as well get the shovels out!

Ultimately, what did you want to get out of this part?

Good terrain, low stress and good times with the crew. Mission accomplished.

What are your plans for next winter?

Haven’t thought that far ahead. Still trying to thaw the bones out.


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