• Superpark 15

    Presented by Gatorade
    By: Pat Bridges
    The progression of terrain parks in the last decade is unbelievable. From hand-dug halfpipes and picnic tables on flat ground to twenty-two footers and triple kinks, Superpark is a celebration of evolution, and a late-season spring session that brings three hundred snowboarders together for a photo shoot of gargantuan proportions. On page 68, witness the best park of the year ridden by the best snowboarders in the world. This is Superpark 15 presented by Gatorade at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon.

  • Man At Work

    The SNOWBOARDER Interview with Dan Brisse
    By: T. Bird
    The working man's rider, Dan Brisse emerged from the corn fields and icy slopes of the Midwest a few years ago, and since, he's re-written the book both in the streets and the backcountry. Brisse's taken the things to a masochistic level in both genres, but he's not slowing down any time soon. Go to page 94 to read what Brisse has to say about having kids, why Minnesota riders are so good, and why he wants to raise the bar even higher.

  • Big Mountains Are Getting Huge

    By: Blair Habenicht
    Freestyle snowboarding peaked in popularity the instant a certain red-headed hucker stood atop the Olympic podium with a gold medal around his neck, but now the attention is turning away from the scaffolding and back to the mountains themselves. Our Northwest liaison Blair Habenicht reports on the resurgence of big mountain riding.

  • Halifax By The Book

    Another Chapter in the Book of Don
    By: JP Walker
    JP Walker, Simon Chamberlain, and Joe Sexton head north north to Halifax, Nova Scotia in search of handrails, only this time, they have a hardbound book filled with spots as their guide. Flip through these pages to find out the zones they scoped and slayed with a little help from "The Bible."