November 2016

Brothers From The Same Mother

Words: Bode Merrill

A sit down with Hans and Nils Mindnich with guest editor Bode Merrill. Two of the most prominent upstarts today, and complete polar opposites on and off the hill, are asked the same questions to see how alike they really are. Get to know them a little bit better because you will be seeing much more of them in the coming years.


A Winter Through The Lens of Oli Gagnon

Words: Oli Gagnon.

For over a decade, Quebec-born and Squamish- based photographer Oli Gagnon has been providing some of the most compelling and astounding imagery in the world for SNOWBOARDER Magazine as one of our most coveted staff photographers. He is also the staff photographer for Salomon Snowboards and spent a lot of time with Bode. Sit down and get to know one of snowboardings most renowned photographers.

Double Vision

Words and Photos: Jesse Paul

Bode hand-selected his friend, teammate and fellow snowboarder Jesse Paul to showcase some of his imagery as an amateur photographer. Jesse talks about how to not get burnt out and shifting his focus from in front to behind the camera.

2017 Accessories Guide

The best brands in snowboarding brings you the hottest accessories and must-haves for on and off the slopes.