September 2016

The Resest: Is Tahoe Back?

Words: Cody Liska

At the turn of the century and for the following few years, Lake Tahoe was the modern Mecca of freestyle snowboarding, but a few bad winters followed closely thereafter and there was a mass exodus to higher peaks with deeper snow. After five bad winters, Tahoe finally had a good one, as zones that hadn’t been ridden in years started to open back up, which begs the question: is Tahoe back?


Never Been Done: Nitro Snowboards in North Korea

Words: Austin Smith

North Korea is the most isolated country on the planet that dominates headlines with their nuclear activity and constant sabre-rattling heard round the world, so when they announced that they were building a “world-class” ski resort to boost tourism, pro snowboarder Austin Smith and a handful of the Nitro Snowboards team found a way inside to go check it out.

A Paper Trail: The Jake Burton Carpenter Interview

Words: Pat Bridges

SNOWBOARDER Magazine Creative Director Pat Bridges sits down for a very long, detailed and deep conversation with snowboarding’s most powerful luminary, Jake Burton Carpenter, and his wife Donna to discuss the current state of snowboarding, how Jake started Burton Snowboards, and his recent health issues that left him fully paralyzed and hospitalized for months. Now, after a full recover, Jake is back riding again, but it was a long and hard road to recovery , and quite frankly, the story is both horrifying and inspiring at the sam time. This is one read you don’t want to miss.

2017 Hardgoods Buyer’s Guide

The hottest new trends and products from the best brands in snowboarding are about to hit the shelves, and we’ve got a plethora of gear for you to check out.