We are officially 100 Days out from the 2018 Winter Olympics, so like it or not, the Olympic season is here! The PyeongChang Games will start on February 9th and run until the 25th with over 84 countries competing, assuming that Donald Trump will not pull the U.S. out of our agreement to participate. No matter how you feel about the governing bodies that be, it is always exciting to see what the course will look like, and this year is no different. The 2018 Winter Olympic Slopestyle course designed by Schneestern, a German-based company, has a few NBD’s, so we thought we would give you a quick walkthrough below.

Coming off a slight foot injury, we caught up with all-around ripper and Team USA rider Brandon Davis for a quick thought on the course that he could see if he finishes amongst the top U.S. riders. “The rail’s look pretty fun, there is the standard down bars for people that want to do that, but looks like there is a good amount of stuff that has been dialed since the test event. It is definitely going to be harder to judge since there are so many options. Excited about that c-rail and the quarterpipe feature in the second jump section. Wonder how that will all work out.”

Who will take the top spot? We haven’t officially heard if the 2014 Olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg is returning, but our guess is that he will not be. The field is wide open for any of the big names to take it, and hopefully creativity will be rewarded on this setup. Mark McMorris, Marcus Kleveland, Stale Sandbech, Jamie Anderson, Anna Gasser, Sven Thorgren, Mikey Ciccarelli, Red Gerard, Brandon Davis, and many more will likely duke it out come February for a chance to represent their country on top of the podium, and we will be updating you along the whole way.

Scroll through and enjoy, we most definitely did.

Top to bottom, the standard three rail, three jump format is still in play.

The opening gate features three rails with a variety of lines to take into each piece.

Top-down look at the opening gate feature shows a better view of the creative take-offs in play for the 2018 Winter Olympic course.

The second rail section boasts more creative tranny options that will probably be a nightmare to photograph from the designated Olympic pool area.

The third rail section is arguably the most exciting. A skate-inspired pool, coupled with a few rail options will hopefully separate the riders with their approach and put some unique riding abilities on display.

A similar feature to the Carinthia build at #Superpark21, the three-headed jump is nothing we haven’t seen before.

Slightly angled quarterpipes for front and backside tricks caught Davis’ eye in the second jump grouping.

And finally, two options for a last chance at a medal, although they look like pretty good animated jumps to pull a massive method off of.

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