“3Friends, Weeks and Boards” video announcement

The idea is simple. People have to adapt themselves to the respective season, so do snowboarders, surfers and skaters.

Benno Postert, Matze Reif and Maximilian Meisberger, will travel for three weeks trough Europe with three boards in their luggage.We are gonna start in February at Arlberg and stay there for one week before we are gonna journey on over to Italy in the direction of the north coastline of Spain. Stephan Günther, a German skateboard icon, or Paul Grey, a German surfer, who has lived in Portugal for a couple years, will visit us on the trip. We will try to catch the best conditions and hope just to have a good time. All those impressions and experiences will be brought to you in a 15 min travel movie released in June 2013.

Be on the road with 3Friends, Weeks, Boards