The second part of the week started with Benno and Maxl Horn arriving just in time to join our daily breakfast celebration. New day next adventure. So many possibilities, different spots and heaps of motivation. After such days you come home tired  and totally enjoy your dinner.  Some beers for Benno, a lot for Maxi none for Matze and straight into bed- K.O.! Oooor not! We soon got bored of our UNO game and invented "Anarchy-UNO", that's the sh**t, real fun. Maxi taught Benno how to fill in the Weizenbier – barkeeper way. Now he´s officially a member of the premium Weizenbier-Drinking-Association.

The next two days we played around Stuben hitting some lines close to the town. Great riding  together – some pillows here and there and Benno with the "Egg-Snurfboard" trying to shred some lines while the rest was hitting jumps. It´s a big playground, a sandbox for adults. Matze's eating behaviour, the more the better, as well describes his need to hit high cliffs, so he found his mission in bombing the biggest holes into the ground. In the end of the day we were building a third jump for the next day. Unfortunately there was no sun the next day so we went to another spot. The weather turned better in the afternoon and we decided to try to hit the kicker at St. Christoph. Good choice. We all got some tricks done or lines down. A good ending with all the guys.

On the last day of the week it was just us, Matze, Benno and Maxi. Perfect weather again and some fresh snow. All day we got the sickest lines, the splitboards brought us where we desired to drop in and hell yeah… nice day! Looking forward to show that footage. All in all a perfect week with tons of footage and good experiences out there in nature. We have one of the best backcountry areas with Arlberg in the Alps so no reason for us to travel all around the world.

Thanks to all sponsors and especially Christian Wander and Carla Twelkemeier from O´Neill, Wilma Himmelfreundpointner from Tourism-Office of St. Anton.

There will be a story in Playboard Magazine in Autumm 2013 with all pictures by Stefan Eigner. The main film will be released in June 2013.

Now it´s time to go surfing.

Benno, Matze & Maximilian