686 Announces New Advocates For Their GLCR Project

March 8, 2017 Los Angeles, CA: Today, 686 Technical Apparel announced six new advocates for their GLCR Project. This collective of adventurers will be wear testers, advocates and an active part in a new era of consumer-integrated design for 686.

686's GLCR Project launched in late 2016 as an open call for outdoor and winter adventurers to become integrated into the brand's design process for outerwear and accessories. After an overwhelming response, 686 was able to whittle down the field of thousands of applicants down to the final six.

The new GLCR Project advocates join current the 686 roster of professional and amateur snowboarders and skiers representing the brand. Their diverse interests and skills will add unique input into 686's ever expanding GLCR Collection which includes recent collaborations with Specialized Bicycles, Cadence Collection and designs with Swatch Freeride World Tour Champion snowboarder Sammy Luebke, professional snowboarder Forest Bailey and professional skier Parker White.

"We are excited to embark on this new path of crowd sourced design input," explains Brent Sandor, 686 Vice President of Marketing. "Our goal was not only to involve new advocates directly into the design and feedback loop, but to provide every person an opportunity to engage with our brand. Judging by the overwhelming response of applicants, I would say we accomplished our goals. Big props go out to the crew at 686 who thoroughly went through each and every one of the thousands of applications over the past few months."

Meet the GLCR Advocates:

Robbie Sell – Lake Tahoe, CA

Former professional snowboarder and current world traveler and photographer. Robbie recently spent a year documenting life on the road in his van in Living Vancariously.
Follow Robbie @robbiesell and read more on the 686 blog. (https://www.686.com/blogs/news/introducing-glcr-advocate-robbie-sell)

"Most of my trips were centered around snow, which to me has a serene and also menacing beautify all its own, but always left me wondering what warmer areas of the world had to offer." - Robbie Sell, Living Vancariously

Jason Hatfield – Denver, CO

Jason is an outdoor adventurer who loves ultra running, hiking, skiing, shooting photography and film, teaching, guiding, and advocating for the wilderness. He lives in Denver, CO and spends a lot of his time adventuring throughout the state.
Follow Jason @Jason_j_hatfield and read more on the 686 blog. (https://www.686.com/blogs/news/introducing-glcr-advocate-jason-hatfield)

"Whether it’s a place often visited or not at all, I want others to see the world as I have, to motivate them to see it for themselves and protect our wilderness." – Jason Hatfield

Jennifer Callahan, Lake Tahoe, CA
Jennifer is a freeskier and rockclimber from Virginia City, Nevada currently competing in freeride world qualifiers. She has been living in a school bus for a year now, and travels around the country to climb and ski.
Follow Jen @jen_violet_callahan and read more on the 686 blog. (This is where the blog link will go)

"I hope to bring a little awareness to environmental responsibility through the Leave No Trace adventures. I am also keen to provide feedback for gear that makes backcountry skiing, big wall/bouldering/sport climbing, and competitive big mountain skiing more comfortable and functional". - Jennifer Callahan

Darren Rayner - BC, Canada
Darren was born in raised in Bangkok, Thailand and now lives in British Colombia, Canada. He is an action sports photographer and filmer, that works on documentary and commercial films. He is currently co-directing a ski and snowboard film in Whistler, BC.
Follow Darren @darren_reyner and read more on the 686 blog. (https://www.686.com/blogs/news/introducing-glcr-advocate-darren-rayner)

"With my profession, it's imperative to have the best gear. When shooting, not only do I need warm, breathable, technical outerwear, but I also need specific design, to facilitate carrying camera equipment. It's exciting to know that my feedback will go into developing the product at 686." – Darren Rayner

Alex Rozman – Boulder, CO

Alex travels the world to adventure, take photographs, climb, slackline and highline. He is a big advocate of the spacenet, taking highlining and hammocking to a whole new level.
Follow Alex @arozzyphoto and read more on the 686 blog. (https://www.686.com/blogs/news/introducing-glcr-advocate-alex-rozman)

"The most memorable experiences are usually the hardest. Sometimes that's post-holing for miles through waist deep snow, or sometimes it's a torrential downpour that lasts for 10 hours soaking you to the core. I’m excited to add 686 gear to my closet to see how it performs and how many unforgettable memories I can make wearing it." – Alex Rozma

Rachel Lawlis – Breckenridge, CO

Rachel is a photo journalist, explorer and yogi with multiple countries under her belt. When she's not waist deep in snow, she's backpacking around the world.
Follow Rachel @rachellawlis and read more on the 686 blog. (https://www.686.com/blogs/news/introducing-glcr-advocate-rachel-lawlis)

"No matter how much sand is in your shoes, how much dirt is caked on your skin, how much water you wish you could chug, it's always worth the view."
– Rachel Lawlis

686 will periodically be looking for more individuals to join the collective of GLCR Advocates and influence their products. Applications are always open at 686.com/glcrproject