After months of speculation, today marks the confirmation of new team additions for 686 Technical Apparel. Rumors swirled as a handful of well-known snowboarders were spotted filming in 686 outerwear last season, without officially being confirmed on the 686. But if you have seen 686 Seconds, or paid attention to the teaser, you have been put on notice that 686 has officially grown their team on a global Front.

For those who may not have been paying attention, 686 today officially welcomes Tor Lundstrom and Matt Belzile to their Global Pro team and Enzo Nilo and Andy Nudds to their international f(am)ily.

“I am very happy and thankful to become a part of 686," exclaimed Tor Lundstrom. “Cheers to great people, cool projects and a bright future with a brand that I'm proud to represent!!!" One half of BYNDXMDLS, Tor possesses a larger than life personality off the hill is only outdone by his even larger bag of tricks on the snow. A true leader of the new school in Europe, Tor brings a fresh European perspective to 686 and will be working on signature designs debuting in Winter 2016/17.

"Tor's attitude is infectious and his riding outrageous," explains Team Manager Patrick McCarthy. "I can't wait to get him out in the backcountry and let him loose with the entire team. Oh my!" Director of Marketing Brent Sandor explains, "Tor embodies the 686 ‘High Tech. Good Times.’ ethos in every aspect as well as provides a completely different perspective than we have ever had from our European team. His Nordic influences provide a new foundation for us to build from in Europe."


Fresh from his "Web Series of the Year" award winning Manboys edits and a full part in Transworld's Origins, Matt Belize joins Tor as another new face of the 686 Global Pro team. "Matt's part of the future of 686 and GLCR," says McCarthy. He continues, "Matt is a leader in the backcountry and is helping bring a fun, fresh perspective back to snowboarding. No contests, no rules, just fun…" Sandor adds, "686 has always had a love for Whistler, in fact it's in Whis where Mike West found the inspiration to become every more technical of a brand in his early years." He continues,  "Adding Belize to our family replants the roots that are two decades old up there."

“I'm stoked to be part of the 686 family!" exclaimed Matt. “I love being a part of a rider driven brand and am excited to help the development of an already epic GLCR line. I look forward to working with the awesome people that are doing it for all the right reasons! Thanks for having me under the 686 roof, I feel right at home.”

Joining Tor and Matt are are French phenom Enzo Nilo and UK's own Andy Nudds.

"From waking up in a train with no ticket 200 miles away from the party place to sending it harder than anyone else on a backcountry sesh, you can say Enzo's an off-limits type guy." explains Stephane Grenet, European Brand Manager. "He's been on our radar for a while and I'm very pleased we finally made it happen. He will turn heads with two full parts in 686 Seconds and Almo's Comfort Zone, we're looking forward to him joining the rest of the 686 crew and turn more heads this winter."


“I'm really excited to ride for a brand like 686 which is really involved in the (France) scene and designs the best outerwear I've ever used," exclaims Nilo. “Their products are so technical and the style is really unique – they always make the best they can for the riders. I can’t wait to shred with the team next winter and make shit happen with 686 for many years to come."

Hailing from the UK, Andy Nudds brings a smooth street style to the already heavy 686 urban front. "Adding Andy is awesome," explained Grenet. "The UK continues to be a focus for us and to have a homegrown heavyweight in the UK is exciting." Andy will be seen in Parklan and Authentic 686 outerwear as well as Fall wearable collection in the seasons to follow.

Dragon Alliance Tignes Trip - France by Sam Mellish

The new additions join the heavy hitting 686 team that includes Forest Bailey, Marco Feichtner, Phil Jacques, Sammy Luebke, Cam Pierce, Atsushi Hasegawa, Ryan Tarbell, Riley Nickerson, Sebi Geiger and a host of other rising stars in snowboarding.

“Can you imagine a Mt. Baker backcountry session with Tor, Matt, Enzo, and Bailey, Cam or Luebke?" froths a hyped McCarthy. "Its a recipe of one of the gnarliest jump sessions ever! Plus now we have another street destroyer in Nudds and even more access to more spots for Bailey, Tarbell, Nickerson and the crew. Imagine, just imagine it…"

We can, and we are excited for winter.