686.com new 2013-14 website live


A cheers to a new season, may it be a great one for all of us:
We raise a toast to cold mornings, to long nights, to infiDRY waterproofing, to lift lines, to lots of snow, to 4-wheel drive, to dub corks, to front boards, to toeside, to heel side, to sleds, to talking shit,  to apres, to hot tubs, to the crew and most of all to having good times with our best friend – snowboarding. Cheers to the upcoming season.

Requisite Quote:
686 has turned over a new leaf and now its time to see what is under it. From the collection of gear to our team of destroyers, the high tech-good times are about to start rolling! Our infiDRY fabric keeps your ridiculously dry, our fits are on point, and our line has all the variation neccessary to fit any rider out there. I can’t wait to see what will be next on our path of destruction!” – Patrick McCarthy

The new collection of 686 highly technical goods is now live at http://686.com/. #686 #hightechgoodtimes