PR - MeadowsKonaPondSkim - Apr14

Kailua-Kona, Big Island of Hawaii (Immediate Release) – Registration for the Sno-Kona Pond Skim is open for skimmers ready to launch themselves over a 100-foot-long pond of frigid water Saturday, April 26.  The Sno-Kona Pond Skim hosts 100 skiing and snowboarding competitors or "skimmers" at Mt. Hood Meadows from 9 am to 4:00 pm. Presented by Kona Brewing Co., the festive event brings music, costumes and plenty of Liquid Aloha a mile high in the sky outside the main lodge at Mt. Hood Meadows. Successful skimmers each advance to the final round, vying for the chance to win $500 for first place.

All participants will have one attempt to cross the pond. Participants who successfully skim the length of the pond during the first round qualifiers will then advance to the finals, where they can receive up to 50 points based on three criteria — whether they make it across (10 points), their costume (up to 20 points), and overall style and crowd reaction (up to 20 points). If skimmers tie, the judges will deliberate and award the overall winner. It is possible with this scoring system to win the Pond Skim without successfully crossing the pond in the finals. Judges will reward skimmers for craftsmanship, creativity, and time spent on costumes.

Skimmers are awarded for the grand prize, second and third place, best costume, best splash, and best impression made by a woman.

"The Sno-Kona Pond Skim is the most popular event at Meadows," said Dave Tragethon, executive director of communications for Mt. Hood Meadows. "The skimming just gets better and better. The energy of the crowd and Liquid Aloha flowing all day is great fun and makes an excellent time on the mountain."

The cost to participate in the Pond Skim is $30 per entrant, and all competitors must be 21 or over. Ski poles are not allowed in the competition, and participants may not be visibly intoxicated. Spectators are free, and entrance fees include a complimentary Sno-Kona beach towel and celebratory Kona brew.

Meadows continues daily operations through Sunday, April 27, and is scheduled to operate on Bonus Weekends May 2-4; May 9-11 and May 17.