cfk Boreal Photo 6

After a massive Tahoe blizzard postponed Academy Snowboards' contest for 2 weeks, the 'Cash for Kids' rail jam finally took shape April 2nd at Boreal. The park staff worked day and night up to the event, trying to clear the course and find new locations to stash the 10-feet of new snow. The crew came through in the end and dialed in a super fun and rider-friendly course for the competitors to annihilate.

Amateur riders took the course first, throwing down technical moves, inverts, one-footers, and all the other tricks you'd expect to see out of kids more concerned with winning swag than getting home in one piece. In the end, Avery Brown's consistency and variety landed him in first place and he was awarded a new Academy Propaganda Board!

The Pro Division finalists entered the cash-money jam where every sweet and stomped run earned the competitors a $5, $10, or $20 bill on the spot. The action raged for 35 minutes until all the cash had been dolled out and post-contest trips to Reno had been planned. Winning top honors and an extra handful of cash was Brandon Griffin.


Am Division:
1st: Avery Brown
2nd: Chris Cassetta
3rd: TJ Farr

Girls Division:
1st: Danyale Patterson

Pro Division Overall Winner:
Brandon Griffin

Thanks to all the competitors, Boreal Resort, the overworked park staff, Capix, Popchips, and Academy judges Will Bateman and Jordan Michilot.  For more contest news and the full photo gallery, check