Heikki Sorsa

Heikki Sorsa

LOS ANGELES, Calif., September, 2009 – Lifestyle headphone designer Aerial7 today announced the launch of its world-renowned headphone range, due to hit select stores globally on October 1st.

Aerial7 was founded on the belief that great sound can and should be combined with awesome, eye-catching design. Co-founder Phil Johnson says "We are designers first and foremost and we hope this comes through in the products we create. While leading technology is a given, it's the fashion sensibility infused into the technical product and our attention to the finer details which makes us unique.

Our creative team is passionate about cutting-edge contemporary culture and our headphones are born from a devotion to art, fashion, action sports and music. They are all engineered to deliver the highest quality listening experience from your mp3 player, cell phone or a range of other music devices."

Collaborative projects and strategic affiliations are an important part of the Aerial7 vision. To elevate the brand and keep things fresh they've been building a stable of great artists from all different walks of life. The most recent collaboration was with two of the world's most acclaimed sneaker designers, Methamphibian and Sabotage. The pair brought their creative genius to the retro-inspired Chopper2 headphone for a limited edition release to commemorate the grand opening of Source in Beijing, China.

Finnish snowboarding sensation and renowned showman Heikki Sorsa is on board as the face of Aerial7's Sound Disk Beanie with integrated headphones.  "I am really stoked to ride for Aerial7.  All the headphones sound great and the Sound Disk Beanie system is just awesome. I can´t wait to go ride with that stuff!" he says.

A host of the world's top names in surfing have been signed as Aerial7 team riders including Luke Stedman, Dave Rastovich, Craig Anderson, Taylor Knox and Ozzie Wright, whose artwork will adorn a limited edition headphone range.

Select identities from the worlds of actions sports, music and art are involved with the brand in promotional and design capacities, including surfer Karlee Mackee, DJ Loli, DJ Jam who tours with Snoop Dogg, and Neil Armstrong who DJs for Jay Z.

"Aerial7 is committed to designing headphones that not only feature leading acoustic technology but also become iconic pieces that are dramatically superior to anything else on the market," says Phil Johnson.

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