One of snowboarding's biggest names from Europe, Antti Autti has penned a deal with NIDECKER special projects, NDK, to launch his own line of snowboards in 2010. The deal sees Antti take a more hands on approach with his snowboarding to align it with his new multimedia web site launch at the end of October: www.anttisworld.com.

Nidecker, the pioneer of Swiss snowboard manufacturing, was chosen by Antti because of their long-standing reputation as one of the most innovative and technologically advanced manufacturers in the world.

"With NIDECKER an opportunity arose to create something of my own, and have complete say in my boards and how I want them, from graphics to technology. I knew what NDK were doing for YES and I liked the program they had set up. I want to create an affordable line of boards that kids can get their hands on easily and be stoked about." said Antti from his home in Rovaniemi.

"I want to create something unique and work with artists, musicians and anyone to add extra depth to what my boards are about and what I can offer snowboarding and hopefully people will be stoked about it. All this I am able to do with NDK as they have the ability, the know how and the technology to back it."

Antti for NDK, or A+ as the project will be known, arose out of discussions with Nidecker's Henry Nidecker and Robert Etienne on creating a line of limited edition boards for Antti under their special projects banner.

This all comes as Antti is about to launch his own content platform at the end of October, under the anttisworld.com banner.
"For years I have been looking to grow my snowboarding outside of what I have been doing and to take the next step and push my riding further." said Antti. "I want to film more and due to the demise of so many snowboard production teams and the way the industry is moving, I chose to take my destiny into my own hands. This has led to the creation of antiisworld.com."

"The web offers boundless opportunities and a better way of connecting with an audience through the platforms offered." Antti went on to say. "With this I hope to bring shredders everywhere a direct connection and insight into my world and offer regular video content for audiences everywhere."
Anttisworld.com and Antti for NDK have risen from an urge to push back to snowboarding's roots of expression and individuality, throwing off the shackles and re-grasping that simple connection of going shredding for the fun of it.


"I want to give back something to snowboarding that is fun and also profiles my friends, the things I like and what I do. This is where the site has grown from. The boards have risen from the web direction and an added dimension to the whole package."

The board line will feature a standard model that will be launched at trade shows around the globe next February, featuring art direction and graphics by Jim Zbinden of YES fame. Antti will also launch exclusive collaboration boards with select artists and musicians to be sold in limited number and exclusively through his online platform.

Look out for the limited YEAH-BABY-YEAH boards, painted by Jim personally, under Antti's feet over the next few months. Antti for NDK will be branded with the A+ logo, identifying the association with Antti and the quality behind the manufacturing.

Antti is working in close collaboration with Nidecker engineers in their Swiss headquarters R&D Lab, combining Nidecker's stellar quality precision board building and Antti's legendary riding skills. This partnership will certainly be next season's most anticipated release, making their first appearance at SIA and ISPO beginning 2010 and being available worldwide for the 2010-2011 winter season.

"It's insane, I actually have a lab of technicians to work with in Switzerland to fully fine tune my boards, which is also going to give me an advantage as I go for the Winter 2010 Olympics in Vancouver! Apart from my buddies at YES, what other snowboarder has that right now!" said Antti.

Anttisworld.com is set for launch at the end of October and will feature regular video updates and blogs from Antti and his friends as they shred the 2009-10 season. Selected trips and highlights throughout the season will also be featured in HD with filming and production being provided by Flatlight Films. Connect with Antti at anttisworld.com from end of October onwards.

Anttisworld Teaser from Anttisworld on Vimeo.

About Nidecker Snowboards:
NIDECKER is the European snowboard pioneer manufacturer. It has been producing quality wood based products in its own factories for over 120 years and is still 100% owned by the NIDECKER family. Father of the 5th generation; Henri Nidecker started building snowboards in 1984 and is arguably the oldest privately owned company in the snowboard industry. The company is represented in over 30 countries. Holder of numerous patents, Nidecker Snowboards was recently awarded Eurosima’s Snowboard Technology award with its Welded Wood technology as well as an Honorary award given by ISPO in 2009. The company has been very active over the past 3 years in its plan of diversification, bringing kite board private label manufacturing to its factories as well their own line of Stand Up Paddleboards. More recently Nidecker has signed exclusive partnerships with a few of the industries biggest names such as Romain de Marchi, JP Solberg, DCP and Tadashi Fuse for YES Snowboards. Followed by a partnership with the famous Finnish wonderkid Antti Autti to form ANTTI FOR NDK, also known as A+. The most recent joint venture being the one set up with Jeremy Jones to launch JONES.