APO x SHUT Skateboards Collaboration

PR - APOxSHUTcollab - Apr14

SHUT Skateboards, founded by skate pioneer Rodney Smith, has become a legendary brand in the underground skate scene since its inception during 1986 in New York City. That same year, APO founder Régis Rolland launched his first brand, Apocalypse Surf. Sharing such similar beginnings, a new collaboration between APO and SHUT quickly fell into place. This small, yet refreshing collection features a Limited Edition APO snowboard and a clothing line that utilizes iconic imagery of New York City. Specifically, the collaboration consists of a 153cm snowboard (based on the Selekta model with exclusive SHUT graphics), a reversible technical outerwear jacket, and a moisture wicking hooded shirt + neck warmer (photos above). Besides the incredible $200 price tag, the 2-in-1 reversible jacket, The Para, has both a clean and wild side. It is available in three colors, each with two distinct designs: camo/olive, grey chambray/black with SHUT print, and light khaki/blue with “Sons of Apocalypse” print.