With his unique style, Sage was considered an underdog in 2014, he hadn't won a competition in nine years. Riding his APO Iconic board, Sage completed a backside 1620 Japan for the first time ever, taking him straight to the top of the podium with an Olympic Gold.

“I was just stoked to be on the first-ever snowboard slopestyle team, and then to top it off with a medal, it being gold, first-ever slopestyle medal, fourth-ever American to have the first gold in the Games and then the first-ever one in Russia is just insane," said Sage Kotsenburg. "It's too much to take in almost.” 

The unlikely winner is now considered a hero in snowboarding, bringing back to the sport his passion, style and influence. Since his gold medal run, Sage has been on a media road show and has been featured on Jimmy Fallon, Conan, David Letterman, Rolling Stone Magazine and many more.

In addition Sage has recently been selected to be the latest athlete to appear on a Wheaties cereal box (Breakfast of Champions) with his APO Iconic snowboard. He joins the ranks of other premier athletes that have been featured such as Babe Ruth, Shaun White, Dan Marino, Wayne Gretzky and Michael Phelps.

APO had a strong presence at Sochi with seven Olympic athletes competing from all over the world. See below for their sports, respective countries and results:

Sage Kotsenburg, USA, 1st – Men's Snowboard slopestyle

Spencer O'Brien, Canada, 12th – Ladies' Snowboard slopestyle

Johann Baisamy, France, 14th – Men's Snowboard halfpipe

Mirabelle Thovex, France, 10th – Ladies' Snowboard halfpipe

Kai Mahler, Switzerland, 16th – Men's Ski slopestyle

Marek Skala, Czech Rep., 26th – Men's Ski slopestyle

Lauri Kivari, Finland, 29th – Men's Ski slopestyle
"We are so proud of each of our athletes that competed at Sochi," said APO's founder Regis Rolland. "To compete on a world stage is an incredible accomplishment. The icing on the cake was to see Sage on the top podium, showing the world the best of snowboarding."