Not so fast…don't pack up your boots and skis/boards yet. The winter months are still upon us, and skiers/boarders everywhere are getting in some quality time on powdery slopes in the Northeast and the West. So pack up your gear and hop in your Audi A7 – a vehicle that, with its quattro® all-wheel drive technology, delivers incredible traction for even the most slick, treacherous terrain.

With the Audi connect™ navigation system and 3D Google Earth, you'll not only have directions to get to the slopes, but an actual bird's eye view of them before you arrive. Oh and where to put your gear? No worries, just store them up top on the A7's optional ski/snowboard racks, and you're good to go. Oh, and not only that, but the A7 has recently been named one of the 10 Best Ski-Trip Vehicles by Jalopnik.

For true Audi enthusiasts, the brand even has custom Audi snowboards and Audi Carbon Skis. The snowboards were designed by Greg Mills of Ambient Solutions in California and are handmade with superior quality.  The skis were created by the Audi-Concept Design Munich, and have a wooden core, layered with both aluminum and titanium. The top carbon layer inspired by Audi ultra, results in an impressively lightweight design of less than 960 grams per ski.  Audi combined technology from motor sports and winter sports together to create this gorgeous hybrid which is sure to impress the most serious skiers.  

So check out the Audi A7 for a truly customized ride (design AND functionality) – one that will store your gear, keep you safe and provide you with the very best technology to guide you to the slopes. Then check out Audi skis and snowboards to guide you all the way down.