December 01, 2010 Salt Lake City, Utah

Your favorite new snowboard tool, Banshee Bungee, is now calling Salt Lake City, UT home.

banshee bungee

Pictured left to right: Cooper Kalisek, VP Sales and Marketing and  Logan Greer, Sales Manager

In order to be closer to the heart of snowboarding, the Banshee Bungee crew decided to pack up and head east from their former home in San Diego, CA. With snowboards in hand, the crew landed on the Wasatch front to a welcome party of knee-deep powder.
Cooper Kalisek, Banshee's VP of Sales and Marketing, breaks down why the move was essential.
"We wanted to surround ourselves with our consumer base. It is no secret that SLC tops the list of the most progressive cities in the snowboard realm and given the progressive nature of our product, it was a proverbial "no brainer". Not to mention that it is much easier keeping an office full of snowboard junkies happy in a place that has best snow on earth. "
Settling down in the heart of downtown SLC, the Banshee Bungee headquarters is a mere stone throw away from some of North America's best urban spots. Combine that with the minor twenty-minute drive to some of the best backcountry access in the world, the old phrase "Location! Location! Location!" seems to be true yet again.
"There is no better place for the Banshee Bungee team to be. From the mountains to all the crews supporting us who reside in the city, SLC is already shaping up to be a very comfortable home. " says Kalisek.

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