Walker to be featured in ESPN’S latest Being

April 30, 2010Vancouver, CanadaInfamous is pleased to announce that JP Walker will be featured in a video and article called Being JP Walker on ESPN online. The feature will include video footage and photos that span his career. The Being series is reserved for unique individuals who have had a profound impact on their sport. Walker’s Being follows that of skateboarder and world-renowned artist, Ed Templeton. The feature on Walker will recognize his unparalleled style and innovative tricks as one of the most influential snowboarders in the last 15 years.

Watch the teaser now and then tune into ESPN May 2nd:

About JP:

JP Walker has come a long way from his beginnings as a young kid skating the streets of Farmington, Utah with Jeremy Jones. JP, a.k.a. the Don,” has become one of the most respected athletes in the snowboard industry for a number of reasons: his innovative tricks, more than a decade’s worth of impressive video parts, and his desire to represent core companies like Stepchild Snowboards. JP spends a lot of time nailing down tricks, but he also puts plenty of energy into coming up with new tricks and finding new locations for them in order to ensure the progression of snowboarding. 2009’s This Video Sucks features some of his most progressive moves yet. JP’s 100% switch closing part is yet another ‘never done before’.  In addition to filming with People this season, JP also guest edited and was on the cover of the February 2010 issue of Snowboarder magazine. He was also named #7 in Snowboarder’s Top 10 Riders of the Year Awards. This marks JP’s sixth time on the top 10 list, which is more than any other rider in the history of the sport. It is proof of JP’s continuing legacy in the world of snowboarding.

About Infamous:

Infamous Management represents only the best athletes in the action sports industry. Our riders are professional, talented and highly marketable. IMI believes there is a balance between the rider and the company and that by working together they can profit equally from each other. At IMI we want to work with the companies as much as the riders to maximize marketing potential of both the athlete and the company.  Roberta Rodger ‘s vast knowledge and experience in the action sports industry helps IMI’s athletes reach their full potential in the market. “I believe that, with us, an athlete can grow, have a successful and lucrative career, and still maintain our ethical guidelines which are: loyalty, respect, trust, integrity and of course true love and dedication to improving their sport and their talents.  The Infamous crew is JP Walker, Seth Huot, Chris Haslam, Simon Chamberlain, Stevie Bell, Joe Sexton, Keala Kennelly, Spencer O’Brien, Kyle Mack, Meghann O’Brien, Brooke Voigt, and Leilani Gryde. For updates and profiles on our athletes check out our website: