Bern Unlimited Launches New Website

Bern Unlimited, the only grass roots head protection company serving the action sports market, today announced the launch of its new website,

"We envision that this new site will generate a lot of return visits because of its rich and entertaining content. With a clean aesthetic and robust athletes, products and cultural content, the site is definitely the best tool we've created to date," commented Josh Walker, brand manager.

Bern's new site is completely optimized for all mobile devices. New features include increased interactivity with Bern's amazing roster of athletes across all disciplines; skate, snow, bmx, moto and urban cycling and a beefed up vendor locator with seamless connectivity to Bern's online dealers and specialty accounts. The new site will be Bern's first internationally versioned website and a big step to showing the world a concise brand image. The site offers a mass of original content and a variety of enhanced digital tools, video and information that showcase Bern's unique, stylish product for 2013.

Bern is widely recognized as the style leader in head protection. With patented shapes, all season liner systems and clean core look and feel, it is no surprise that many head protection brands around the world have tried to emulate the Bern look. Dennis Leedom, Bern's founder and in house mad scientist says, "From the start we haven't been afraid to be different and use logic in what we think is smart, comfortable, stylish and fun head protection. We feel that this new, loose, fun feeling website embodies where Bern has come from, where it is today and where we are headed."