Big_Family_stacked_white_LRWhether you're a grad wanting to trick out your dorm room, or a dad throwing the coolest BBQ on the block, BIG JAMBOX (great for powering big spaces) and JAMBOX (better for smaller, more personal spaces) are the ultimate gifts.

Toss the cables.  These portable speakers wirelessly connect to your phone, tablet or computer so you can play music, stream movies and bring games to life. And they're light enough to take with you anywhere you go.

BIG JAMBOX ($299) The brand new BIG JAMBOX is lighter than a gym bag and lets you fill a backyard or beachside BBQ with the best, bold sound.  Dads/grads will love the "dueling DJ" aspect that lets two people control the music on one speaker.  BIG JAMBOX is the ticket to big sound – no wires, docks or cords needed.  It launched earlier this month.

 JAMBOX ($199) JAMBOX weighs less than a pound, and it can still fill an entire dorm room or hotel room on vacation. JAMBOX is the ideal gift for dads and grads who need a speaker as mobile as they are.  It's now available in white, green, white platinum and orange graphite for the summer!

More about BIG JAMBOX:
·         BIG JAMBOX is social.  You can control your music directly from BIG JAMBOX – pause, play and skip songs, or even pair multiple Bluetooth devices to Big JAMBOX, so anyone can be the DJ.
·         BIG JAMBOX features Jawbone's exclusive LiveAudio software (bringing you 3D sound without headphones), so you can get the most out of your audio straight out of the box.
·         BIG JAMBOX comes in three colors (Red Dot, White Wave, and Graphite Hex) to complement your style.
·         And for those of you that have a JAMBOX, you know it's true: size matters. Make your JAMBOX family complete with BIG JAMBOX.
·         The rechargeable battery brings you tunes for up to 15 hours – and no D-cell batteries required!
·         Available for $299 at, Apple, AT&T, Sprint, and Best Buy stores nationwide.

More about JAMBOX:
·         JAMBOX brings the music wherever you go to have awesome sound by your side
·         Keep in touch with family, too, using its speakerphone function
·         Now available in White Wave – to match your iPhone4 and also available in Green Wave to bring a little extra color to your summer days – in addition to six other colors
·         The rechargeable battery brings you sound for up to 10 hours – no batteries required
·         Available for $199 at, Apple, AT&T, Verizon, and Best Buy stores nationwide.
·         But don't just take our word for it – JAMBOX is the #1 selling speaker in the US