Bjorn Leines and Dan Brisse Go Snow Hunting


SALT LAKE CITY, UT (April 15, 2010) – Over a seven-day span, Utah received seven feet of snow. With a dry winter, this storm was a savior to every snowboarder and resort in the area. Celtek team riders Bjorn Leines and Dan Brisse took advantage of the storm as soon as it hit.

"BJ had the idea of hitting Pyramid for a while now," Brisse noted.
With some of the most infamous jump locations in the world just a 20-minute drive away, Bjorn and Brisse were ready to charge. The idea was to resurrect an old monster, Pyramid Gap.

"We went up and the storm broke, it was time to session," said Brisse.
Bjorn and Dan are currently filming for their parts in the new highly anticipated Absinthe Films project. With a standout part in last season's Neverland, Dan Brisse is looking to have a repeat performance.

Here is a tease:

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