PORTLAND, OR. (Sept. 6, 2011) – Bonfire Snowboarding Company introduces the most versatile bag in snowboarding for the upcoming 11-12 season. The Bonfire Bootpack is both a backpack and a bootbag.

Its streamlined design makes it the simplest way to pack everything a rider needs for a day in the mountains or for a season of travel.

"The Bonfire Bootpack bag should be called 'The everything bag that happens to fit your boots," says team rider Desiree Melancon.

A full rundown of the bag's handy features, including tarp lined boot storage with drainage, rivet re-enforced handle and stash pockets are explained by team rider Desiree Melancon here:

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The Bonfire Bootpack is available in Black and Fire red. It will retail for $89.95.

Bonfire Snowboarding Outerwear is heavily tested in the varying climates on Mt. Hood, as well as throughout the world by its team of riders including Louif Paradis, Bode Merrill, Takaharu Nakai, Desiree Melancon, David Benedek, Harrison Gordon and Rolf Nylander.