Bonfire Pipe to Pipe – Finals


MT. HOOD, ORE. (JULY 19, 2009)– The 12th Annual Bonfire Pipe to Pipe
series came to a close with the most heated skate finals in event
history.  The indoor park at Windell’s snowboard camp was packed from
wall to wall, while the Pacific Northwest’s best skaters battled it out
to the sounds of cheering crowds and DJ Matty Mo’s metal mix.

Rion Linderman’s 540 on the vert wall impressed the judges landing him
with $100 and best trick.  The top three finishers landed too many
tricks to name. They earned the cash based on the judges overall
opinion.  Steve “Manchild” Reeves came in first place, earning $500.
James McCoy took second and $250 while Oudalay Philavanh rounded out
third, pocketing 100 one dollar bills.

On snow, competitors kept it cool with a variety of sweet moves on the
diverse jib set up.  Seventeen year-old young gun Colt Morgan took on
his third pipe to pipe of the summer with a set of skills that placed
him not only first for Ams but also 2nd place in the Pro final.  In the
end, HCSC digger and all around rail-slayer Ted Borland swept the finals
walking away with first place and $500.  Jordan Basurto locked down
third place and $100.  Andrew Brewer grabbed 4th and $100 for Best

For the ladies, Sandra Hillen snagged best trick.  Laura Rogoski walked
away overall winner with $500. Molly Aguirre nabbed second and $250
while Raelynd Tarnove grabbed third and $100.

Am Women- Snow
1st – Sara Mikkelsen
2nd – Lauren Carusona
3rd Justine Nadherny

Am Men- Snow
1st – Colt Morgan
2nd – Jarred Baker
3rd – Austin Leonard

Am Men-Skate
1st – Kent Callister
2nd – Adam Kays
3rd – Bryce Oesch

1st – Ashley Jones

2nd – Laura Rogoski

3rd – Michelle Zeller

Top Grom

Mathew Ohlson