PORTLAND, OR. (August 18, 2011) – Salomon and Bonfire are joining forces to bring snowboarders a new website for the winter of 2012 that stays updated 24 hours a day through social media feeds and rider-driven content.


The new site will allow riders to peruse both hard goods and soft goods in one place through separate Bonfire and Salomon tabs. The site will be accessed through both and
"Bonfire and Salomon site users have increased dramatically over the last 3 years, our new sites, which are simple to navigate and loaded with new content, should help us continue to expand our web presence," said Brand Director, Brad Steward.


The new site will have a dynamic blog presence run on the Tumblr platform with contributors from all over the world including team riders and sales reps.


All team rider information will be in one location on the site for easier browsing with clear color-coding by brand.


Bonfire outerwear and Salomon Snowboards have had a long-standing relationship since 1995 when Salomon purchased Bonfire from Brad Steward, who directs marketing for both brands today.


Bonfire Snowboarding Outerwear is designed and developed in Portland, Oregon. Salomon Snowboards is designed and developed in Annecy, France.