January 13, 2013 — By now many of us have heard the term "flow," but how many of us know what actually triggers the state? Which neurochemicals are produced during flow, or how your brain actually changes during flow?

All of these topics, which are central to the upcoming book THE RISE OF SUPERMAN, are previewed in the second episode of the Rise video series.

In this episode, author Steven Kotler and world class athletes including Danny Way, Mike Horn, Jimmy Chin, Travis Rice and Robbie Maddison discuss their own flow experiences and times when the intense focus of flow has allowed them to expand their abilities. The video delves into the neuroscience of the flow state, and explains a few of the state's triggers and effects. As Kotler says in the video, "Flow is like being swept up by the river of ultimate human performance. We are better, faster, stronger. All aspects are amplified."



The Rise of Superman examines the flow state, and how it enables the groundbreaking leaps in ultimate human performance made by surfers, skateboarders, skiers, rock climbers and more. But the book isn’t about how to surf monstrous waves; it uses these athletes as a case study to examine how anyone can tap into this optimal state of consciousness to live happier, more productive, more fulfilling lives.



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