Brand New Snowboard Company Launches, with Revolutionary Roots

A New England-born snowboarder with ancestral roots in the Cuban Revolution has launched a snowboard manufacturing company. The company, called Global Mind Elevation, unleashed its first run of boards in March, 2011.

The 2011 lineup features four boards, each made to match varying rider style. The signature board, The Rev, comes loaded with tons of pop and features Che Guevera-inspired graphics. The Demigod is constructed with waved edges, a flat base, and a super-buttery tip and tail.

“I’m not saying snowboarding needs a revolution, because I’m stoked on where it is right now and where it’s headed,” said Justin Marti, Global Mind Elevation’s founder and the great-great-grandson of Jose Marti, a Cuban revolutionary. “But even an ever-progressive sport like snowboarding needs a kick in the a$% once in a while.”

All of Global Mind Elevation’s snowboards are available at The company is also providing fresh content and videos on its blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Twitter feed.

Marti added that none of his boards are priced higher than $399.

Check out some video of Global Mind Elevation snowboards in action .

Founded in 2011, Global Mind Elevation is a snowboard manufacturing company focused on high-quality, affordable snowboards. Like a roaming rider always in search of fresh lines, GME has no official homebase. Its founder is from Massachusetts, the lead graphic designer has roots in Oregon, the marketing ideas all come from a Vermont office, and the boards are physically manufactured in southern California. Don’t try to put GME in a box — it roams far and wide, riding the wave of revolution. More information at .