Rider: Katie Williams. Photo: Rick Ross

Words: Jacob T Weber

As the sun rose over the Super pipe on day two of the Burton AM Series at Winter Park the colors of America were filling our vision. The red of our Burton fencing glimmering in the sunshine, the lips and trannies died a wondrous blue, and of course the pristine white of the pure driven snow. So…."Here’s to the Army and the Navy and the battles that they have won: to America's colors, the colors that never run….May the wings of liberty never lose a feather."  With that sentiment in our hearts into the Super Pipe we jammed.

After our 45 minute qualifying jam sessions for both the men and ladies we cut it down to 6 finalists for each. Each of the 12 riders was capable of taking the podium and as they dropped in for their 2 finals runs things got interesting. All the women were throwing it down. There were some technical maneuvers: a front 7 or two, a front 9 attempt, and Ariel Gold threw down a cork back 7, but it was height above the pretty blue lip that won the day. Both McKenzie Matters and Katie Williams were bringing it in fast and loose and sending airs well above the rest of the competition, putting them both on the podium. But it was Katie, with a fear of having to sleep in the car (McKenzie said if she didn’t win she’d have to sleep in the car), that pushed her amplitude harder and took the top spot on the podium and the $750 and a shot at the US Open. The gentlemen were killing it as well. It was a tough contest to call as each rider was pushing it with each and every run. Alexander Kondo took the 3rd spot with good control and large airs. Nikolas Baden at 14 years of age, one of the more talented young riders I have seen, took a strong 2nd with a back 9 to back rodeo combo and multitude of other sweet maneuvers. The top spot was left for Paul Brichta though, dropping in switch and letting loose a massive inverted cab 10 to front 9, making it clear the $750 was his.

Well that raps it up for the 4th stop of the Burton AM Series. Thank you to all of our sponsors; Burton Snowboards, Snowboarder Mag and Swatch TTR. Thank you once again to Powder Tools Board shop for supporting this event and young and upcoming riders. It was an amazing weekend at Winter Park, Bob, Dustin and the whole park crew was amazingly helpful. Everything came out, as I said before, as a marvelous combination of fashion and functionality (meaning it looked good and worked well). The Burton AM Express will be on break for the next 2 weeks. Then we will be invading the upper middle western states and getting loose in Boyne, Michigan. Remember folks it’s "like I told my last wife – Honey, I never ride faster than I can see and besides that….it’s all in the reflexes." Thanks for coming out!

Go to www.dannyisthebomb.com and show your support for an amazing human being and upstanding member of our shred community Mr. Danny Toumarkine.