Photo 1 Camp Academy

Stoked Campers for Round 2!

The Academy Snowboards' crew reunited for Camp Academy 'Round 2' and one last hurrah to cap off the snowboard season at Boreal. Campers enjoyed the forgiving spring conditions on day 1 while adding some last minute moves to their shred resumes. Besides learning board control, park skills, and demoing 2012 Academy Snowboards, campers also got lessons on board waxing and a wheat pasting tutorial to show them how to create their own 'propaganda'.

Photo 2 Camp Academy

Boreal Deck with the crew.

A spring storm ripped through the mountains on day 2 dropping a foot of snow on Boreal. The coaches and campers were stoked (and surprised) to make some late season powder slashes and celebrate the end to an epic season in Tahoe!

Photo 3 Camp Academy

Frontboard to hype the crowd.

Thanks to all the sponsors: Vans, 686, Skullcandy, Neff, Airblaster, Dakine, Flux, Capix, EFX, Von Zipper, Snowboarder Mag, Popchips, Vitamin Water, Clif Bar, and YoBeat for all their support. Also, a big thanks to the campers, parents, coaches, and crew at Boreal for keeping the park ripping through the variables.

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Photo 4 Camp Academy

Flatbox 'Training'

Photo 5 Camp Academy

May 15th Powder Blastin

Photo 6 Camp Academy

Camper Going for the contest win.

Photo 7 Camp Academy

Wheat Paste 'Propaganda'