Here at Camp of Champions we strive to provide the best coaching staff in the world. Staying true to our colors we are proud to announce this years new head coach snowboard industry legend Chris Dufficy. Duff is no stranger to the summer camp experience. This will be his 10th year coaching at Camp of Champions and his decade of commitment to providing the campers with the best summer of there life has truly earned him his title as head coach.

Chris and his dog stopped by the office for a visit today and we got a chance to talk a bit about his season, his history with camp, and his philosophy on summer camp in general.

How many years have you been with the Camp of Champions?

This will be my 10th year coaching. I started my glacier experience by poaching camp and coming along with sponsors…..LOOK AT ME NOW!!

What keeps you coming back to Camp of Champions?

I always find it refreshing that no matter how many summers I have been coaching I can still learn something new. It's also exciting to see the campers learn that the pro riders and coaches are actually approachable and making a one on one connection with the campers is super important. The coaching staff is awesome and there is a reason they keep coming back every summer!

What's your favorite part about the Camp of Champions terrain park?

The T-Bar, No Hiking, and the over all flow of the features in the park.

What kind of off glacier activities do you enjoy?

Sun Tanning and Roller Blading (inside joke come to camp and you might just find out).

What do you get into in the winter?

This winter I spent most of my time filming with Alterna films and doing some photo shoots with Signal.


Signal Boards and Outerwear, IS Eyewear, Level Gloves, Celcius Boots.

Any last words?

Never be afraid to ask questions or approach us coaches that's what we are here for and that's what we love about this job and remember pros and coaches are normal people too! I am excited to show kids there is always a way to put a fun spin on things its what I like to call the Duff way to think.

So if your looking for the best way to spend your summer head up to Camp of Champions in Whistler, BC and learn the Duff way to think. We have expanded our park by 20% and had the 2nd snowiest year in history.

For more information and to register for camp head over to www.campofchampions.com