CandyGrind Sessions Sun Valley

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Not too long ago, the Sun Valley Park Crew cooked up an idea: convince our friends from CandyGrind to make the trek to Idaho. Our goals were simple--get CandyGrind to back the Lunar Eclipse Rail Jam and simply spend time shredding with the crew.

After an eleven hour car ride from Colorado--and perhaps a few too many gas station hot dogs and coffees--a pack of shreds from CandyGrind rolled up to Sun Valley on March 17th. The park was in pristine condition, the sun was shining, and the crew was ready to ride. As CandyGrind team riders Tyler Anderson, Connor Leach, Ian Smith, and Mitch Kirby strapped in on top of the Dollar Mountain, they soon realized that Sun Valley's park takes things to the next level.

Jaws dropped as the CandyGrind team began lapping the park. Tyler Anderson threw down a cab 5 to front ten on the double line, while Ian Smith lapped the rails and the big jump line as though it were a video game. Connor Leach pumped up the amplitude and Mitch Kirby slayed rails with Midwest steeze.

After tearing up the park with some of the locals, the crew headed over to the lodge at Sun Valley and checked into their condo. Once riders called dibs on their deluxe accommodations and the day's footage was logged, they smashed some dinner and headed back to the lodge for some good old fashion bowling. As a true four-seasons resort, Sun Valley sports a killer bowling alley right in the lodge. Bowling and shredding may seem like a strange combo. Nonetheless, dialing in a ten and nailing a strike can illicit the same stoke. After the night was over it was apparent that no bowling sponsors were on the horizon.

After resting a little in their rockstar accommodations, the CandyGrind team headed to the Dollar Park for a night photo shoot. Sun Valley's park crew had been slaving away to get things ready for the team. The 40 foot-long, 12" pipe that was installed for the Lunar Eclipse Rail Jam immediately caught the riders' attention. As the sun went down and the lights turned on, all of the riders put down their signature tricks. Ian made it to the end of the rail on both of his initial attempts. Tyler got steezy with a quarterpipe lip slide while Mitch and Connor got some serious amplitude. As the moon rose, the photo shoot came to an end. Yet CandyGrind's media team went home smiling, as they landed some stellar shots for their next film and photo projects.

The team rolled out of bed the next morning to support the Lunar Eclipse Rail Jam. With a trip to Windell's camp on the line, competitors came from all corners of Idaho. The final rail arrangement was impressive. The 40 foot-long, 12" pipe setup featured three different options, which kept both riders and spectators entertained. In the end, Chris Michael and Rachael Wheeler walked away in first place. Because she won all three girls' events and obtained the most points for the series, Rachael scored the grand prize. Thanks to the generosity of Smith Optics, she will be enjoying a session at Windell's this summer. In addition to Smith, the Lunar Eclipse Rail Jam was also sponsored by CandyGrind apparel and Flow snowboards

On the final day, the CandyGrind team headed to several Sun Valley hotels for some catalog shots. After a trip defined by smiles and high fives, the CandyGrind team left Sun Valley. Last we heard, they made it back to Denver, where they are working on their bowling game between lapping the parks of Summit County.