Sean Teodore

Seattle, Washington – June 6, 2011 –CAPiTA Snowboarding is pleased to announce the addition of Sean Tedore to it's professional team of desk jockeys.

The former NEOPROTO films standout and Transworld message board sensation had a seven year pro shred career riding for companies such as Nitro, Electric, Ambiguous, and others. Based out of Truckee, California, Tedore was known for his skill and stylistic approach to the changing dynamic of snowboarding in that era and was on top of his game in 2002.

In 2003 at Breckenridge, Colorado with a bright snowboarding career on the horizon, Tedore washed out on a freshly salted take off and did a switch frontside 90 over a 100-foot SUPERPARK jump.  He came up short and in a scary moment, tore his ACL, MCL, PCL, Patella Tendon, both Meniscus, and smashed the outside corner of his Femur.

Tedore recovered, only to have a second knee injury a year later which ended his pro snowboard career.  Luckily for Sean, he had a back up plan.

In 2003, Tedore graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nevada-Reno and in 2005 was hired as the Snowboard Product Development Engineer at K2.  During his near six year run at K2 Snowboards Tedore worked with a great team and personally designed over 20 Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood Board Test award winning boards establishing him as one of the premiere board designers in the industry.

At CAPiTA, Tedore takes on a multifaceted role of Product Development and US Marketing Manager.  He will employ his design knowledge and engineering background on the snowboard development process and also utilize his network of marketing contacts and media and rider relationships to strategize new ventures for CAPiTA marketing.

Tedore had this to say about the change, "Blue and I have known each other a long time.  We're from the same area.  I've always liked CAPiTA's approach, and it just seemed like a natural progression to come here and work together."

CAPiTA Pro Shred: Brisse, Stevens, Kimura, Craven, Hadar, Schneider, Zima, Cocard, Jacques.

CAPiTA Pro Desk: Montgomery, Makinen, Chui, Malkoski, Tedore.

CAPiTA Snowboarding is based on the fishing docks of Seattle, Washington and is recognized throughout the industry for unique graphics, progressive product, and world-class athletes.