Chainsaw Productions Presents the World Premiere of Shaun Palmer "The Miserable Champion" to Headline X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival SATURDAY January 14, 2012

Chainsaw Productions brings the greatest action sports documentary to life and to the big screen at the X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival Salt Lake City, Utah. Meet the Legendary Shaun Palmer himself with the films director Brad Holmes as they celebrate the World Premiere of their film that took a lifetime to make.

[North Lake Tahoe, CA] January 6th, 2012 – The Miserable Champion is a shocking portrait of one of the most notorious athletes of all-time, action sports hero Shaun Palmer. This tell-all movie reveals Shaun from birth to the near fatal overdose to his comeback to make the 2006 Olympic Team. Palmer – The Miserable Champion is an intense look at Shaun’s ups and downs, background of growing up with no father figure, evolution from rags to riches and his experiences with sex, drugs and rock-and-roll. Shaun’s story is like no other athlete’s in history. He has been at the top of Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Skiing and Motocross. USA Today asks the question "Is This The World’s Greatest Athlete?"

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Chainsaw Productions was formed by Brad Holmes in 2001 in Lake Tahoe to produce ski movies, Chainsaw productions has expanded over the years and produced many significant projects. Our production credits include. The people V.S Brad Holmes, Stars Skis & Hucks and Revolve just to name a few. We are currently getting ready for the release of Shaun Palmer’s "The Miserable Champion". Other Chainsaw Productions clients include. Snickers, Honeycomb, ESPN, Fuel TV, RazorFish, Octogon Sports, Dalbello and NBC.