Chloe Kim Becomes First Woman To Land a Frontside Double Cork 1080 in the Halfpipe

It was a good day for Chloe Kim, indeed. Last week in Saas-Fee, Switzerland training for what we can only guess is the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing… she put down a frontside double cork 1080, which is an NBD for women in the halfpipe. That is the second NBD Kim has landed this off season, putting down a front 1260 this past Spring in Mammoth. Maybe she has a box of Shaun White Wheaties stashed away giving her this extra edge… or we guess it could even be her own cereal box with this crazy surge of progression. If you can’t find us on hill this early season, we will be scouring local grocery stores for a box of Chloe Kim Corn Flakes. Full video below.

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