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CHRIS BRUNKHARDT – Book Release / Art Tour
"How Many Dreams in the Dark"

LAGUNA BEACH: Thursday, September 30th, 2010 / 6pm – 10pm
210 AR4T Space in Laguna Beach, CA will host the Southern California stop of photographer Chris Brunkhardtʼs book release tour, "How Many Dreams in the Dark?" The tour starts in Portland, Oregon at Studio NEMO, then Seattle with SNOCON, before heading to Laguna Beach, the only stop in Southern California. Along with the premier offering of the book and a signing with Chris, the evening will include limited prints never before offered to the public and original art from friends Carl E. Smith, Dan Peterka, Matt Donahue, Alex Bacon, Zach Egge, and Mike Parillo.


After several years of editing, working and anguishing, photographer Chris Brunkhart is proud to present a self-published collection of his amazing imagery.
"How Many Dreams in the Dark" spans two decades at the epicenter of the skate, snowboard and related music and art cultures from Portland, OR to Prague, CZH. From the earliest days of the pioneering Burnside Skate Project, to South American travels with snowboard godfather Craig Kelly, NYC with creative madman Ari Marcopoulos, to Alaska, Japan, Scandinavia and beyond, Chris captures the energy, passion and amazing playscapes of an international tribe of fellow dreamers.
Says, Brunkhart: "This has been a dream of mine for years: These images tell a story that connects many friends, many places and the world we create in, and I look forward to sharing them with the next generation of creative dreamers."
Limited editions (including very limited signed editions and custom prints) available online at www.gamafunction.com/dreams. "How Many Dreams in the Dark" book and art tour ventures from Oregon to NYC. Each stop features music, art and giveaways to celebrate the release of this long- awaited project. Special thanks to "Dreams" sponsors Volcom, Burton, and Frequency.
"HOW MANY DREAMS IN THE DARK?" Chris Brunkhardt book release and art tour, featuring prints from the book and original art from: Mike Parillo, Carl E. Smith, Matt Donahue, Alex Bacon, Zach Egge, and Dan Peterka. In Laguna Beach one night, September 30th, 2010, at 210 AR4T SPACE, 210 North Coast Hwy. (between Broadway and Cliff), Laguna Beach, CA. The event from 6 to 10pm, is free and open to the public. Prints are for sale. For more information, contact 210 AR4T Space at info@AR4T.com.

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