PR - Dakine WelcomesDesiree - Mar14
Dakine is very proud to announce the addition of Desiree Melancon. Desiree is a huge asset to the future of our Women’s products from our outerwear to our packs, gloves, and beyond. Desiree brings an immense amount of originality with her snowboarding and personality and we couldn’t be more excited to work with and support her.
“Well… to start… I want to say thank you to Dakine for giving me this opportunity to grow with their brand. It means a lot. I’m relieved that I have found a brand that will let me be myself for the time being, and let me pursue my dream of snowboarding as much as possible…

Not to mention, they signed Louif. For me thats like a warm sunny day. It shows that Dakine supports the lifestyle that we preserve and it won’t get better then that. -DESIREE MELANCON