Davidaisy Art Show in Portland Raises Money for Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation

words and photos by Jenna Kuklinksi

The night opened with some nervous chatter and a beer or two from 10 Barrel Brewing. David Daisy Steigerwald had set up his art show earlier that day, aligning his collection of large-to-small acrylic painted pieces on the wall, and laying custom printed Venus In Bloom shirts along retail tables at evo in Portland on Friday, August 4th.

The show, Venus In Bloom, is a collection of acrylic paintings created by Snowboarder Mag Art Director David Daisy Steigerwald. In his words it is "a place not so far away, yet just out of reach. Exploring the gardens rich in beauty and oddity. Strange colors mixed with strange emotions. They roam the alleyways and dark bars where, through the haze of smoke and endings the prettiest flowers are growing in the dirtiest gutter".

Venus In Bloom Tees hand-made by Falling Leaf Printhouse.

Davey manned the table at the front of the gallery, as well as fielded questions and inquisitions about each piece of art set along the walls of evo. The night was for art, but also for a cause- the recent passing of Dillon Ojo prompted Davey and evo Portland to collect donations from beer tips and raffle tickets, as well as every single dollar earned from the sales of the Venus In Bloom sales to be donated directly to the Dillon Ojo’s foundation.

The turnout was a field of faces familiar and new; guys like Forest Bailey, Tommy Gesme, Mark Wilson, Seamus Foster, Tank Top Daddy, Dylan Dragotta, Jon Stark, Tyler Orton, Cole Taylor, Craig Cameron and more came by to see the show, as well as new kids- fresh off the glacial field at Mt. Hood and wrapping up their first summers working at High Cascade. In just under three hours, the event was able to raise over $875 dollars between donations, merchandise and raffle purchases.

Beers were drank, art was sold, and friends had the opportunity to come together and appreciate not just the displays of new work, but also the company of one another. As 9:00pm rolled around and the crowd began to thin out, the remaining friends cheered each other one final time and congratulated Davey and evo on a job well done.

The paintings will be on display and available for purchase in evo Portland at 200 MLK pdx through the month of August. A limited quantity of Venus In Bloom shirts are still for sale through @davidaisy on Instagram, and the full dollar amount paid for each shirt will be donated directly to the Dillon Ojo Foundation.

Thank you again to everyone who came out to show support, and stay tuned for more in the future.

Davey and Jenna. p: Hunter Murphy

About the Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation – "The Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation is a Nonprofit organization founded in Memory of Dillon Charles-Ojo. We set up this foundation in order to remember the positive social impact and the love for sports that he projected and embodied… all while having fun! Our aim is to give underprivileged youth opportunities to pursue sports programs, summer camps, and other activities. As a non-profit organization, we plan on being fully transparent as to where we focus our resources."

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