Dragon continues to push the limits of snow goggle technology, as it is set to release the APX Goggle. The goggle is the first frameless snow goggle, and uses Dragon's Infinty Lens Technology, which will enhance peripheral vision and make it easier to change lenses.  For those that doubt a frameless goggle could work, it was put it through rigorous testing by Dragon's snowboard team. Look for the APX in a store near you.

Dragon is proud to introduce the APX Goggle to the snow market as we launch into winter 2011. The APX is the first fully frameless snow goggle which utilizes our patent pending Infinity Lens Technology™. This technology provides increased peripheral vision, easy lens interchangeability, and superior performance.

"It was really exciting working on the APX Goggle, as we put together all of our experience in the snow market over the last 15 years and this new ground breaking lens technology to make one of our best products ever," says Will Howard, Founder and CEO of Dragon. "The whole idea was to reduce the frame without reducing the goggle's footprint. This creates better vision and superior function for riders who really care about enhancing their performance."

Designed and tested at our APX Research and Development cabin in Colorado's backcountry, the APX Goggle has been proven to withstand the harshest, most technically demanding conditions by some of the best snowboarders in the world. Top Dragon snowboarders Gigi Ruf, Danny Davis, Blair Habenicht along with Freeskiers TJ Schiller and Chris Benchetler all took part in the APX Cabin testing and gave input to make the APX Goggle the best in the market.

"The peripheral range of vision offered by the APX gives the sensation that you are an M-16 fighter pilot, dodging people and trees instead of bullets and missiles," explains Blair Habenicht, Northwest backcountry hellman. "The lens-to-goggle interface is the most dynamic, easy to line up interface of any goggle I have ever worn, and makes swapping out a lens on the chairlift quick and painless."

The APX Goggle is available in an array of styles and lens options, all of which include Dragon's exclusive Super Anti-Fog™ lens coating which prevents fogging and lasts twice as long as our competitors conventional anti-fog. Coupled with the minimalist, stylish outline of the APX itself, this goggle is the most anticipated snow goggle release in years.
To hear about how APX Goggle was developed firsthand, and view the action from the APX Cabin in Silverton.

Check out our HD quality video at Dragon's website http://www.dragonalliance.com/en-us/team-member/apx.