ellery Hollingsworth Gatorade

In the days following the US Open of Snowboarding, Ellery Hollingsworth stuck around Stratton Mountain in Vermont to make the most of the event's pristine (and empty) pipe. Having just taken her first podium at the Open, Ellery was in high spirits when she met up to shoot, hike and hang out with photographer Chris Owen on what turned out to be a beautiful, bluebird winter day – a perfect backdrop to work with. Chris has been snowboarding for as long as Ellery has been alive, and has been a photographer for a lot longer. Having received his first camera a very young age definitely made an impression on Chris and looking at the course of his life, it seems serendipitous that he is one of the most respected snowboard photographers today.

Get an inside look at a day in Chris' life and you'll understand why carrying 75 pounds worth of camera and lighting equipment up the deck of a halfpipe is his idea of a good time. Making a career out of something you love to do is inspiring and Chris has done that and more by merging that career with another lifelong passion – snowboarding. Since receiving that first camera and having his first photo published, to rediscovering photography years later and make a career out of a lifelong love, Chris Owen has seen most of his life through a lens, which in his mind is the best view there is.