ELM welcomes Nima Jalali and Justin Meyer

Elm is proud to announce the addition of Nima Jalali and Justin Meyer to the brand.  As Elm has grown, the two will help fill key positions in addition to helping with creative direction and brand management.

“Nima has been with us as a team rider since the beginning, but we’ve been friends since long before that. Having been both a professional rider and a co-founder of Ashbury, Howl and Videograss, he brings a broad range of experience and perspective to the table in terms of creative direction as well as sales.”

“As a co-founder of Videograss, Justin Meyer is on the road filming with some of the best riders in snowboarding for more than 6 months a year. He also has a great sense of what the industry is lacking, what it needs, and how to get that message out there, which is part of the reason Videograss has grown into such a media/marketing powerhouse and the reason we’ve brought him on board for Elm”

Both Nima and Justin will be integral in solidifying Elm’s administrative foundation and helping to develop the next chapter in the Elm story.