Endeavor Snowboards Illustrates Commitment to Arts at Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival

Endeavor’s Artist Wall Will Feature Photography of Partner and Photographer Scott Serfas

VANCOUVER, BC April 15, 2010 – Since it’s inception eight years ago, Endeavor Snowboards has dedicated itself to bringing art to snowboard design. The "State of the Art" show at the TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival will showcase that dedication with six exhibitions by Endeavor artists and an Endeavor photography display by Transworld staff photographer and brand partner Scott Serfas.

"Endeavor is proud to work with the most innovative artists in the world. Hailing from the United Kingdom to South Africa to our hometown of Vancouver, our crew is on the cutting edge of the art scene," says Max Jenke, CEO Endeavor Snowboards. "Whether it be headlining gallery shows, creating top selling video games, or designing graphics for Hollywood movies, the artists who have collaborated on our 2010 line are top tier and passionate about their work."

Snowboarders interested in experiencing the best riding, best looking and best quality decks on the mountain can check out Endeavor’s entire 2011 line at the Demo Park at the top of Whistler Mountain over both weekends of the TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival.

Six Endeavor artists who collaborated on the 2010 line will showcase their work at State of the Art.

Rory Doyle
Rory has become somewhat of a resident artist for Endeavor, working on boards and other design for the past four years. He will exhibit canvases from the Guerrilla board series which features a combination of 2D and 3D design. Rory currently works for Next Level Games in Vancouver as a 3D designer so this project combined his work style with his personal style. Each board represents a different world monument being attacked by 3D graffiti – the Coliseum, the London Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the Taj Mahal.

Derek Stenning
This is Derek’s second year on Endeavor’s roster and he continues to impress. Derek will be displaying work from an ongoing personal project titled "Entartete Kunst," which is German for "Degenerate Art" developed by Nazi theorists to describe modern art they felt was corruptive. Endeavor’s 2010 High Five series features work from this project called the "Hexagram Series" which are images of gnarled spacemen.

Hydro 74 aka Joshua Smith
Joshua has been working with Endeavor since day one. His signature vector line art is bold and detailed, attracting other clients including Nike and Lucas Films. Josh will be showing four personal prints from his archives, all individually signed and numbered.

Vince Chan
Vince is a new comer to the Endeavor artists’ camp. Working with clients like Hypebeast.com and streetwear label "Crooks and Castles," Vince has developed an amazing eye for design and style. He will display some personal pieces as well as boards from the B.O.D. series he developed for Endeavor.

Corey Sheppard
Pro skater and artist, Corey Sheppard has been an Endeavor collaborator for years. His paint on canvas style has developed into a digital medium and his exhibition will be a combination of the two styles.

Giant Human aka Nathan Mathews
Nathan was a brilliant artist and skateboarder who was an integral part of the Endeavor design family. He passed away in February after battling cancer and will be missed. The world hasn’t just lost an extremely talented artist and skillful skateboarder but it also lost a great friend and amazing person. Nathan’s fiancee has kindly helped gather some of Nathan’s work and a video celebrating his life for exhibition at "State of the Art." A skateboarder, photographer, designer, son, brother, fiancee, and friend to many, Nathan truly was, and still is, a Giant Human.

en-deav-or: v. try hard to do or achieve something. / n. an attempt to achieve a goal / earnest and industrious effort, esp. when sustained over a period of time.
Endeavor Snowboard Design is a Canadian snowboard company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was founded in 2002 by pro rider Max Jenke and Transworld Magazine staff photographer Scott Serfas with the mission of making the best snowboards in the world. For the past eight years, Endeavor has been dedicated to bringing art to snowboard design, working with top artists from all over the world. Snowboarders making snowboards for snowboarders.

Connect with Endeavor: www.endeavorsnowboards.com