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Flow has changed its logo! “Its time,” says Andrew Mutty, Flow Marketing and Team Manager. “I have been dreaming of this day for a while now, and I am happy with our new look, which is more youthful and relevant. The old logo served Flow well for years but it was time to move on. Re-branding can be difficult and costly but Flow has one of the best, most prolific snowboarding teams in the world and I know they will help expose the new logo to the world and most importantly, to our core clientele.” Flow’s President adds, “Flow’s new logo marks a new era in the Flow brand. It symbolizes strength and commitment to the future of the brand and to the sport of snowboarding. Flow has never been afraid of innovation or transformation. Flow has become known as the creator the ‘Speed Entry’ binding, which has led to a wide array of new binding innovation. Flow is no less afraid when it comes to transformation of our own brand identity.”

Flow Releases the 2009-2010 season Team Video Teaser Bad Reputation on October 1st. This year’s Flow Team Video returns to its documentary style giving you an in depth look at some of snowboarding’s most core athletes. Bad Reputation was generated from Rubbish’s, Jake Zalutsky and Sam Kuhn as they follow the team through 6 weeks of the most busy competition and shooting time of the winter. Beginning at the US Open and ending with a Team shoot in Mammoth and Superpark, join the Flow team through the ups and downs of everyday life. Check out Scotty Lago and Tim Humphreys, as they cause mayhem through the streets of Laax, Switzerland. Watch Antti Autti and Brandon Reis slay every feature Mammoth could conjure up. Get inspired by the new girl squad as Sarka Pancocohova and Mary Sallah charge features at Boreal and Waterville Valley. Peel back the layers of snowboard hype and illusion to see what life is like behind the scenes. “We wanted to stick to something different,” says Marketing and Team Manager Andrew Mutty,  “and we always have been that company with something unique, that shows the fun side of snowboarding, and pulls the viewer into the teams lives. It’s more than just good, banger, banger, banger, average snowboarding video content, it’s a way of life through ups and downs…. see for yourself.”  Being original is Flow’s reputation, and it stands for something great.  Kick, Lock, and Drop In, with Flow. Bad Reputation, available October 1st, 2009.

Trailer #1:  Snowboarders had a Bad Reputation since day one when we tried to take over the ski slopes.  As the days turn and the years passed this Bad Reputation quickly turned into something great.  Once again, history repeats itself, and FLOW creates a video to remember the worst and the best of times.  Spend six weeks on the road with the Flow team, and experience life through the ups and downs of the sport through true behind the scenes footage.  FLOW leaves this legacy of the season written in the archives of video documentaries for your viewing pleasure.  Kick, Lock, and Drop in, with Flow and Bad Reputation.

Teaser #2: Superpark: Bad Reputation Teaser #2, blasts through Mammoth and stops to chill with Snowboarder Magazine. Superpark is an epic snowboard tradition that settles the season with a superfluous ending. What other way to end six weeks of filming then with a Superpark 13 of massive proportions? Three FLOW riders made the stop by Mammoth to conclude the Bad Reputation video with the best riding of the season. Catch the full length team video Bad Reputation, which unleashes worldwide at www.flow.com/badreputation on September 1st, 2009.

Teaser #3:  Flow releases Teaser #3 from its new upcoming video, Bad Reputation.  When things go bad on the hill and everything in the world seems to get in your way, Jeremy Thompson shows us how to handle these situations. If you wish skiers were banned from the snowboard park, so does  Jeremy. Check out Jeremy as he deals with people getting in his way, and shows you how to have a “THAT’S WHAT’S UP ATTITUDE”.  “6 weeks on the road with the Flow Team” is a documentary style film giving the viewer an inside, behind the scenes look at life on the road with a pro snowboard team.  No skiers were hurt in the filming of this… only some egos.  See Jeremy Kick, Lock and Drop In, fast enough to catch up to this kid and make his point known. Bad Reputation, coming October 1st, 2009.

Teaser #4:  The last of 4 Teasers in the series before the video launches this Thursday, October 1st.  Mix in some good old partying and feel the after-effects 15,000 feet above sea level as Scotty Lago, throws down in Laax, Switzerland during the 2009 Pleasure Spring Session.  Life is fun when you can sleep off a hangover, but from this behind the scenes action, you see what really happens after a night of getting loose, no sleep and a quick heli ride in Switzerland. Most people can’t hang like Scotty can, and that’s what earns him his stand alone part in Laax. Enjoy the fun, the not so fun, and the couple teaser jump shots from Laax as Bad Reputation closes its final chapters in the teaser series. The full length video launches this Thursday October 1st, on www.flow.com.

Flow Appoints Donny Denton as North West Sales Rep

flow-donny-dentonFLOW SNOWBOARDING is very proud to announce that Northern California Flow Sales Representative Donny Denton will now handle the Great North West states as well. So now Mr. Denton has Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho to go with his already well established Northern California and Northern Nevada.  Quite a big territory and he has some big plans which include a shop assault in his new 24 foot recreational vehicle that is fully wrapped with Flow graphics.  Sales Manger Kevin Addy says that he has nothing but confidence that Donny will carry the torch to the next level and that such an important area of the US needs someone with his skills and ambition.  Helping Donny will be his hand picked Rep cartel known as The Active Labor Syndicate, which include; Jodi Judson,Adrian and Earnie Peachay, Adam Portue, team riders Ashley Thornton and Forrest Devore.  Donny has over ten years of Action Sports Industry experience which consists of a great track record and not to mention he rips at snowboarding as well!!   For any more info on Donny e-mail Christian@flow.com

While many snowboarding companies have spent a lifetime trying to fit-in, FLOW has spent its time standing out. Born from originality, FLOW is defiant against the norm of tradition. The world has witnessed how this one time "binding" company has progressed into the leader of innovative products featuring a complete line of "speed entry" bindings, performance proven boots and award winning snowboards. The future is here and the future is FLOW.