Show Us Your Stache

Ahoy Mateys … Who you be calling a Scallywag? Everyone loves mustache rides and everyone should love riding with a mustache. Study up the finer details of pirate mustachery on the Scallywag and then start growing. The contest kicks off December 14th with all submissions due December 21st. Send in your mustache photos to and win a new 155 Scallywag with ChillyDog continuous rocker. Runner-ups will get buckets of sand and/or scarvy. This is open to anyone – ladies, don't be shy. We'll even take entries of painted-on, drawn-on, or tattooed mustaches. Start growing! Drinking ale, soaking in salt water, singing pirate chanteys and saying words like yarrrggghh, ahoy, matey and shiver me timbers will help.

Pirate Stache Contest

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