GoPro® Sponsors National Ski Patrol

GoPro® Sponsors National Ski Patrol

Lakewood, Colo. – GoPro®, creator of the world’s best-selling wearable HD camera, has partnered with the National Ski Patrol (NSP) to offer patrollers technology to capture and share some of their lives’ most exciting moments. GoPro’s cutting edge technology can also be used to improve performance while skiing and training.

GoPro’s HD Helmet HERO® is the highest-performance wearable 1080p HD video and still photo camera available. It comes with a variety of mounting mechanisms patrollers can use to get some of the best action photos available, and can be attached to helmets, ski poles, and packs, as well as other tools patrollers use. The HD HERO can be used to film toboggan training videos for new patrol candidates, film ski instructional videos, and you just having a plain old good time. The HD HERO can shoot 5 megapixel photos or record up to 1080P HD video, and stores data on SD memory cards. Inside its housing, the HD HERO is waterproof to 180 feet/60 meters, and comes with a rechargeable batterythat is kept warm by an integrated battery warmer built into the camera itself, which allows for long battery life even in freezing conditions.

“The HD HERO is designed to be easy to use even in the most demanding of conditions, so it’s the perfect camera for the National Ski Patrol to document their experience on the mountain,” said Nicholas Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro. “The ability to wear the HD HERO on their chests, helmets, and wrists, and easily mount the camera to their gear, makes the camera a hands-free documentation solution that allows ski patrollers to focus on their jobs and not on the camera. This is the perfect application for our cameras, and we cannot wait to see ski patrol rocking their GoPros on the mountain this season!”

“We’re looking forward to working with GoPro,” said NSP Executive Director Tim White. “NSP and GoPro teaming up together is a perfect match. Patrollers can wear the HD HERO in any way that suits them, making the camera an excellent teaching tool that can help hone patrol skills and also make the training process a lot of fun.”

GoPro is working with NSP on the “Patrolling Is Life” photo contest debuting in November. Having a camera company sponsor the contest is ideal, and the sharing of photos is a perfect fit. GoPro is excited about working together with NSP to promote the life of a patroller through the lens of GoPro.

NSP patrollers can purchase GoPro products through the NSP Pro Page on the NSP website.

About the National Ski Patrol

The National Ski Patrol is a federally-chartered nonprofit membership association dedicated to serving the public and the mountain recreation industry. For 72 years, the NSP has been at the forefront of safety and emergency care education programs. The association’s 27,000 members represent 98 percent of the nation’s patrollers. For more information, access

About GoPro
Based in Half Moon Bay, Calif., GoPro is the world’s leading activity image capture company. Since 2004, GoPro has been designing cameras and accessories that make it easy for people to capture hands-free images and video during their favorite activities. Its products include the patented HERO line of shockproof/waterproof wearable cameras and gear-attachment devices.

Be a HERO…. GoPro.