HCSC and Celtek Join Hands


SALT LAKE CITY, UT (June 16, 2010) – Celtek is pleased to announce its upcoming partnership with High Cascade Snowboard Camp starting Summer 2010. In addition to Celtek having a presence at HCSC all summer long for some extra-fun snowboard action, Celtek has also created the first ever HCSC x Celtek Glove.
Inspired by camp life around Mt. Hood, Celtek's creative geniuses and HCSC's Ami Voutilainen teamed up on this one-of-a-kind masterpiece to be sold at the HCSC Camp Store throughout summer, and later in select retailers for the Holiday season. Celtek team riders  will all be running the HCSC x Celtek Glove this summer, as well as the HCSC staff.

Having been campers at HCSC since their teens, Celtek co-founders Bjorn and Erik Leines have a long-standing relationship with HCSC, which ultimately culminated in this collaboration. "Mt. Hood has been a large part of mine and Bjorn's lives for a very long time," states Erik. "The excitement of going to snowboard camp in the summer was something we looked forward to year after year." Further, it turns out the majority of Celtek employees have all been High Cascade campers at one point in time … Celtek truly knows what it means to be a camper!
"It's because of the people who follow their dreams that this collaboration was possible," Erik continues. "HCSC has an amazing group of people working behind the scenes to make each camper's experience the best on the planet. This aligned so perfectly with the Celtek message that in the end it was very natural to develop a custom HCSC x Celtek Glove. Enjoy."

ABOUT CELTEK – Co-founded and operated by professional snowboarders and brothers Bjorn & Erik Leines, Celtek's mission remains the same since it began in 2003: inspire creativity, express individuality, and ride every chance you get. Working with a world-class team of athletes and designers, Celtek's innovative, art-inspired gloves and accessories bring the roots of action sport culture to the surface with unmistakable style and matchless quality. For more information and to sign up for the Celtek Clan, check out www.celtek.com.